Tejas T Little Cuties - Long and Short Hair Chihuahuas, Papillions, And Frenchies
          PUPPY CARE TIPS                  
EIGHT hints on giving your dog a great start in life
1.   Have a strategic housebreaking plan for your puppy and be consistent. It will make a great deal of difference in the future if you do it correctly in the beginning. Decide whether you are going to use a crate or cage to train your pup to "go" outside, or housebreaking pads (such as Piddle Pads®) to teach pup to go in a certain area inside. Consult your puppy care book for particulars.                                     
2.   Plan now to train your puppy in obedience. Your relationship with your pup will be much better if you allow time in your life for training classes. When he is old enough enroll him in a "puppy" class.
3.   What kind of food was your pup fed before you got him? Purchase some of the same food the breeder was feeding even if you are going to switch his diet. We strongly recommend dry food, and that it is fed in its dry form. When you begin to switch your puppy's food, be sure to do it gradually so as not to upset your puppy's tender stomach.
4.   Start a complete preventive health care plan for your pup. This includes regular vaccinations, annual veterinary visits as well as flea and tick prevention. A regular heart worm preventive will protect your pet against heart worm. Your veterinarian may prescribe a heart worm medication such as Heartgard® Plus, which treats roundworm and hookworm infections as well.
Start a regular ear-cleaning program. Don't wait until your puppy's ears are so dirty that infections can take hold. Ear Clens® Pads or Ear Clens® Solution can make the job easier.
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